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image of viking longship part crewed by Northumbria members

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becoming  a  member
The Northumbria Vikings are always happy to welcome new members to swell our ranks,  whether you want to be fully fledged warrior or a more peaceable craftsperson we will have something for you. 
Within the group locally we have a number of experienced craftsmen and women who will be more than happy to teach you their skills.  Warriors generally take no encouragement at all to show someone how good they are.
Northumbria Vikings typically have 2 or 3 local shows a year,  and run a combined social, training and equipment making day once a month ;  except that we miss some summer months because of the number of public shows around that time.   Training days are usually held in North Shields.
If you would like to meet the group before joining then we would be happy to see you at one of the local shows or social meetings.  Please email to find out dates and venues for our events and training days.
As a member of the Northumbria Vikings you are also automatically enrolled as a member of the national re-enactment society known as The Vikings. Further information on the national Vikings society can be found on their website by clicking on one of the logos below.  
As a member of the Vikings you have a standing invitation to all of the national Viking events throughout the UK, and sometimes abroad. A quarterly e-magazine is issued with full details of nationwide society events.