banner image of the Vikings at Largs 2009

image of a Northumbria Viking member

image of Viking tented encampment at Elvaston country park 2007


The Northumbria Vikings can be booked to provide a special display tailored to suit your needs, however, shows generally fall into one of three categories as explained on the right.

If you would like to confirm or discuss a booking for any type of event then please contact the group leader by email at

Northumbria Vikings can provide week day school visits for national curriculum subject “invaders and settlers”.  The visit can be Saxon, Viking or both and covers all aspects of period life.  We can tailor the visit to suit whatever circumstances are required ; a typical full day show and tell session with one Viking prices start at around  £310.00 depending on location.  All school show presenters are DBS accredited.
The Vikings are regularly booked for promotional events by companies with a general Scandinavian or specific Viking connection,  either by name or product.  As example the Vikings helped to open the Valhalla ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Individual prices depends on what is required.
Members of the Northumbria Vikings have appeared in several films and TV shows,  ranging from local TV series ‘Tales from Northumberland’  to national TV ‘Time Team’ ;  several of our members nationally have provided teams of fighting extras for films such as ‘Faintheart’,  and TV drama series like the BBC’s ‘Bonekickers’,  although not all necessarily Viking. The picture below shows Northumbria Vikings members filming for an episode of ‘Countryfile’ in February 2013.
Film and TV work is subject to national agreed rates and is handled by the Vikings theatrical agency AWS.