banner image of the Vikings at Largs 2009

image of viking tented village at Tynemouth Priory

image of vikings attacking towards the cameraman

Northumbria Vikings

Northumbria Vikings are a dark age re-enactment group based in the North East of England, and are part of the national UK re-enactment society called THE VIKINGS.

The Vikings are the largest and longest established dark age re-enactment society in the United Kingdom, and Northumbria were one of the founding groups.

Despite the specific name, The Vikings portray all different ethnic and regional peoples in Britain in the 6th to 11th centuries ; the years 500 to 1100 AD. We cover Viking, Saxon, Celtic, and Norman re-enactment.

This period is known as the dark ages because of the lack of information about the era, however, this lack is relative to other periods, and in reality there is a surprising amount of information available about this time. Historians now call the period early medieval.

We use the available information to recreate life in the times, providing both living history craft displays and combat demonstrations, held throughout the country.

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